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How to play shuffleboard

Let me tell you about shuffleboard

  • Two teams, one to six players per team

  • Both teams shoot towards the same end, taking it in turns

  • Only one team can score per end

  • Only count points for pucks past the opposing team’s furthest puck

  • The team who wins the end, slides first in the next round

  • First team to score 21 points is the winner

It is a game with simple rules, but lots of fun and competition for both teams.

Shuffleboard has been played in England since 1400. Originally game of the kings became widely popular and over the times changed to a classic bar game. Crew Bar Prague is the first bar in Prague offering shuffleboard for your entertainment.

We do recommend 2-6 players per table, so if you have a larger group, make sure to book additional tables as well.

Why play shuffleboard? After a lomg work week, it is fun to relax and unwind playing fun games and challenge your opponents. It is also a great party game for all kinds of celebrations - stag, hen, brithday's and for a date night. 

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